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Warning: Some selections of Comedy Gold may contain language that is fully and clearly expressed or explicit language. In addition some items may also include ideas that are well and poorly thought out; notions that inspire independent thought and groupthink; and lastly, humor that is both sophisticated and banal.

New Comedy Added 6/9/06

It's Ret&#$ed
'F' Bike Holes
'F' Small Town Drivers
The Current State of the Recycling Art
The Mean Value of Ugly
The Sweetest Problems on Earth

Facial Hair Fun (8/05/05)
 Check out how much fun you can have with a razor.

Dachshunds or Badger Dogs (7/29/05)
 Read about the unique history of wiener dogs.

Crippling Heterosexuality (7/29/05)
 Learn about a condition that affects millions of American men

The Sulu Dance (7/28/05)
 Hear the song that makes the hustle look like the Macarana.


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