Iím not a big fan of Hobbies because hobbies cost money. Interests are free though so here are some interests:

  • Skiing
    Iíve recently gotten into skiing and I have just purchased my first set of skis and boots. For more information on Northern California Skiing check out my resort reviews.
  • Digital Photography
    I use a Canon PowerShot S410 to take pictures and then I use Picassa to organize and enhance them.
  • Video Editing
    My digital camera also takes some low quality video that I edit using Pinnacleís Studio software.
  • Comedy
    I really like to laugh, so funny people like Howard Stern and George Carlin Always help me out.
  • Computers
    I like keeping up on the latest computer hardware and trying to make sure my system isnít too out of date.
  • Web Pages
    NetObjects Fusion is what I use to develop and maintain my site. I use 1&1 Web Hosting, which only costs $4.99 a month.


  • Classic Literature
    I enjoy novels such as Crime and Punishment, Pride and Prejudice, The Canterbury Tales, Hamlet, and Danteís Inferno.
  • Good Music
    This means anything except for country and a lot of Jazz. Lately Iíve been hearing a lot of new music from Yahoo.


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